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The Service.


The First Timer 

  • From $45

Thorough consultation, brow design, tint (optional + at additional cost) the lab signature wax and tweeze plus mineral cover and fill (look & learn) - 6 to 8 weeks of outgrowth is recommended 

The Usual Suspects (please also refer to packages)

  • Tint $20

Custom cocktail of colours designed to suit your skin type and hair colour 

  • Tidy $45

Thorough consultation, the lab signature wax, tweeze and mineral cover 

  • Colour correction $30

Subtle lightening of the hair using a soft facial bleach 


    • Lip $20
    • Chin $20
    • Sides $20


    • Lift $120 (includes tint) 

    Works best for people with straight, mid length to longer lashes. The service takes approximately 1 hour and lasts anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks. A 50% non refundable deposit is required upon booking. 

    • Tint $30


    • Makeup  $120
    Never ones to be OTT and far from cake face we are all about natural enhancements and subtle camouflage using the ultimate arsenal of cult cosmetic faves.


      • Tint + tidy $60
      • Brow tidy + lip wax $60
      • Brow tidy + tint + lip wax $75
      • Brow tidy + tint + lash tint $85

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