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The Treatment.

Every service is specifically designed and customised to support your skin. The Lab's latest incarnation is a commitment to provide you with the highest grade ingredients, the greatest and latest in technology, education, research and products to get you glowing from the inside out.

In turn it requires a commitment from you to protect and maintain the results at home and commit to regular treatments as required so we can gaurentee and achieve long lasting overall skin health.

The First Timer $180 - $220

2.5 hours

Your first visit includes an indepth analysis of your skin and discussion regarding your concerns, history, experiences, lifestyle and ultimately your goals. This serves as an informative step in an ongoing routine that you can practice at home

This is followed by the famous Enzyme Therapy Treatment - the ultimate pick me up and kickstarter for a healthy, happy, functioning face.

All other treatments are on a prescription base only (from this initial appt) and are decided upon and directed by your personal skin consultant, you can see them here.

Consultation $80 

This is a stand alone introductory experience also available seperate from and before the First Timer treatment. A 30 to 45 minute skin analysis which includes a FREE LED light Therapy treatment, cleanse and thorough consultation to guide you to better skin health and help you decide on a treatment plan and product prescription that would be best suited for your current skin situation. 

LED Light Therapy $95 

$50 add on to any other service

20 minutes between meetings or on your lunch break is all you need to experience the rejuvenating powers of light therapy.

Healite II is a new, non invasive concept to maximise facial rejuvenation  by working with the body's own processes. It stimulates naturally occuring regeneration and repair processes of the skin.

Photobiostimulation (a concept of rejuvenation that works on cellular activities) is a direct action from the light on the cells that boosts the production of collagen and elastin.

Pain free and safe for all skins, Healite II is incredibly healing and will improve inflammation, redness and acne problems, pore size, rosacea and reduce the signs caused by the natural ageing process.

The treatment includes a guided audio meditation and post light serum infusion.

LED Light Therapy may also be purchased in a pack of 8 for $650 saving $110

Transdermal Nutrition Facial $160

1.5 hours

Our Transdermal Nutrition Treatments are specialized mini treatments designed to target specific skin problems. They are usually used in combination with other treatments to enhance the results. 

When it comes to skin revision we are able to get creative in designing tailor-made treatments to get the desired outcome. Transdermal Nutrition is a convenient method for combining treatments to get the results you want.