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Combating Dehydrated and Dry Skin Conditions.

Dehydrated, dry, flaky or irritated skin frequently arises or flares in winter  as well as spring due to the harsher climate, wind and allergy-aggravating flora. Our skin is our most exposed organ,  bearing contact with and influenced by our external environment.  When dry flaky or irritated skin arises, our body is notifying us that our skin baring  or lipid matrix isn’t performing, as it should. Many factors can render our  skin more sensitive to the environmental woes, such as our skins flora balance  or micro biome, lipid balance, immune functions and toxin exposure.   There are also many ways we can use nutrition and some handy tips  that serves as tools to restore skin radiance in these periods of drought.  
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Dealing with Post Pill Acne the Natural Way with Naturopathic Skin Specialist Elissa Roy.

Post pill acne or acne occurring after cessation of the oral contraceptive pill(OCP) is an unfortunate and very unsettling occurrence that far too many womentoday are encountering. Whether the pill has caused difficult side effects youhave finally had enough of, you are looking to conceive or are just wanting to getback to your natural cycle, dreading the skin flare that could follow can reallylimit your choices when it comes to taking control of your own hormonal health.If you have experienced acne prior to staring the oral contraceptive or have dealtwith a new acne incidence when trying to withdraw I want you to be informedon your options. As there are natural solutions to enable you to get yourhormonal health back on...
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