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Dealing with Post Pill Acne the Natural Way with Naturopathic Skin Specialist Elissa Roy.

Post pill acne or acne occurring after cessation of the oral contraceptive pill(OCP) is an unfortunate and very unsettling occurrence that far too many womentoday are encountering. Whether the pill has caused difficult side effects youhave finally had enough of, you are looking to conceive or are just wanting to getback to your natural cycle, dreading the skin flare that could follow can reallylimit your choices when it comes to taking control of your own hormonal health.If you have experienced acne prior to staring the oral contraceptive or have dealtwith a new acne incidence when trying to withdraw I want you to be informedon your options. As there are natural solutions to enable you to get yourhormonal health back on...
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Pinata Party with Kitiya Palaskas.

If you're into crafting, dranks, delish snacks and general all round awesomeness we have the sunday sesh for you! Prop/set stylist, Author of Pinata Party and super cool human Kitiya Palaskas is landing at The Lab to host the pinata party of your dreams! Enjoy a fun filled crafting experience including creating 3 pint size pinatas, edible goodies and a couple of cheeky cocktails!  Deets Tix $25 Date Sunday 17th Dec Time 3pm Give the studio a call to secure your seat ASAP limited spots available 62304143  
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The.Co.Lab x Gather & Graze.

Name: Renee Rodrigues Describe what you do? Create edible experiences Why did you start? I have been a passionate foodie for as long as I can remember, playing with food since the womb :) I love photographing food, cooking and sharing food for family and friends so it happened by accident really What qualifications do you have or need? A mouth, some serious taste buds and an insatiable appetite to create beautiful things :) What do you love about what you do? The creativity as I’m free to create something different every time. What are the greatest struggles you face?  Not selling myself short! It's hard work and getting to the point where you have the confidence to value yourself, your...
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Brand New with Dream & Do.

Firstly, let us say we are honoured to be breaking bread on the first blog post on the new The Lab website. Needless to say, we think it's pretty goddamn-fantastic, but we're biased here at Dream & Do as we've designed and built the beautiful thing!  So... WELCOME to the new, wonderful, ever-lovely site for THE LAB. Here you'll find everything you need to know about the salon, the girls and their wonderful services, but also your one-stop-shop for all things beauty. I'm talking foundation, lipstick, books and gifts - it's all here, so get online gurl and shop your heart out. We were incredibly excited when we were brought onboard to design and build a lip-smackingly delicious website for...
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