• Brows, Lashes and Skin Revision
  • Brows, Lashes and Skin Revision
  • Brows, Lashes and Skin Revision
  • Brows, Lashes and Skin Revision

The Treatment Continued


Utilising the removal and hydration powers of AHAs and the enzymatic munching action of fruit enzymes Alphazyme helps to dislodge acne impaction, clear pores and revise the skins texture. Perfect for open pores, sun damage and thickened aging skin.


The ultimate brightening facial treatment designed to plump, hydrate and even out skin tone. Using a blend of natural botanical ingredients that eliminate and inhibit pigmentation alongside a targeted group of AHAs Bihaku is specially formulated for people with dark, dull or sun damaged skins.


DPE gently removes and brightens with amino acids and AHAs while increasing hydration and improving skin functioing. Suitable for various skin conditions.

Desquaplex Pigmentation

A potent formulation designed to brighten the surface of the skin and address the core problem by inhibiting the production of melanin. Targeted towards hyperpigmented skins such as melasmas, uneven darker toned skin, passive and inflammatory pigmentation.


An Acne treatment created to help flush and eradicate deep congestion and redness. Also assists in the reduction of fragile and weakened capillaries and swollen veins by stimulating blood flow to visibly reduce permanent and intermittent redness.


A targeted treatment for small areas of the face that may be experiencing deep- seated congestion.


An advanced treatment program designed to accelerate the results of very congested skin. Formulated using enzymatic exfoliation and AHAs it is also beneficial for ageing, wrinkles and sun damage.

Hydroplex Pigmentation

Designed to address the complex condition of hyperpigmentation it has been developed using a combination of skin brightening, melanin inhibiting, antioxidant, anti inflammatory, hydrating and skin strengthening ingredients.

Lunchtime Peel

The lunchtime peel performs a controlled micro-removal of the epidermis, leaving the skin looking instantly radiant and luminous. It is also a great option to minimise fine lines and wrinkles, minimise open pore and brighten the skin.

Muscle Banding

This treatment is designed to lift and tighten tired, sagging facial muscles by sending deep, contracting signals to the muscle. In fact, any of the 57 muscles of the face, except around the mouth and eyes, can be helped to passively contract and constrict with this treatment.

Alkaline Wash

The most versatile of all the treatments Alkaline wash works with the PH scale of the skin to change it from 4.5-6.8 (normal skin level) to 12 in 3 minutes. This change places the skin into an Alkaline state which dissolves and softens all protein in its path (skin and hair). This also serves to kill acne bacteria and demodox mites that cause rosacea. 

Red Vein Treatment

A versatile treatment to assist in the reduction of fragile and weakened capillaries and swollen veins by strengthening capillary walls. It is also destroys harmful bacteria and fungal or parasitic invasion that can be associated like in the cause of rosacea. It is also beneficial in treating diffused redness, stubborn congestion and red/purple scarring in acne skins.


This is a 12 week age management and prevention program that aids the lifting and tightening of the skin.

Pro Peel

A resurfacing procedure utilising retinoids and fruit enzymes to regulate skin functioning and remove redundant skin cells to reveal a brighter more even complexion.

Instant Lift.

Remove and LIFT this treatment is great for a special occasion to instantly provide a fresh, bouncy and youthful complexion.


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