• Brows, Lashes and Skin Revision
  • Brows, Lashes and Skin Revision
  • Brows, Lashes and Skin Revision
  • Brows, Lashes and Skin Revision
Let's talk cleansers!

Let's talk cleansers!

While you're probably aware that using a face wash is the first step in your skincare routine, with the sheer number of cleansers available, it's hard to pick the right one for you!


Cleansers for dry skin:

Look for a gentle, non-stripping cleanser with herbal extracts that provide soothing and nourishing benefits to lipid dry (lacking naturals oils) or compromised skin, or for those who prefer a 'milky' texture. A good quality milk cleanser will be able to remove makeup, provide a hydrolysing action on surface debris and build up within skin pores, whilst leaving skin feeling calm, soft, and supple.

Avoid antibacterial soaps and cleansers with exfoliators such as salicylic or glycolic acid, which can all dry out your skin.


Cleansers for skins with a high oil production:

Look for a cleanser with naturally occurring surfactants, botanical astringents and antiseptics to detoxify, brighten and protect the skin, whilst lifting and loosening dead cell material and deep congestion.

Avoid cleansers containing exfoliating ingredients such as AHA's and BHA's or alcohol-based products.


Cleansers for reactive/sensitised skins:

All skin, especially reactive or sensitised skins will benefit from a cleanser that is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and soap-free, and that won't irritate your skin and break down your important natural acid mantle (skin barrier)


Here are our recommendations!

Dry or reactive skins - DMK Milk cleanser $75.50
Oily skins - DMK Deep pore cleanse $76.00


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