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Relax. Rewind. Renew.


Relax. $220


Calm and nourish your skin with this gentle and relaxing facial. Utilising the healing and rejuvenating power of LED light therapy alongside the calming and replenishing combination of the Hydrating gel and Epi Nouvelle sheet masks. Supremely healing, nourishing and relaxing this blissful facial goes beyond the chill to strengthen, soften and improve the skins profile. Supporting the natural regeneration process you will see a reduction in redness, inflammation and an increase in hydration and skin function.

Includes: Cleanse, light exfoliation, LED light therapy, hydrating masque, Epi Nouvelle masque, multi vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid and amino acid serum infusion.

Suitable for all skin types.

Rewind. $280

2 hr

If you are after an opulent age-management experience that replenishes, hydrates, exfoliates and recharges your skin then Rewind is for you. The unparalleled power of LED light Therapy, Vitamin C infusion and Enzyme Therapy work together to reduce the natural signs of ageing. 

Includes: Cleanse, custom exfoliation, vitamin c infusion, LED light therapy, enzyme therapy, multi vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid and amino acid infusion

Suitable for all skin types with a focus on texture, tone, pigment, fine lines and ageing

Renew. $280


If congestion and break outs are your concern then consider Renew your friend. A thorough Cleanse alongside extractions create a clean canvas to compliment the antibacterial and healing properties of the LED Light Therapy. A custom exfoliation removes redundant cell material and debris whilst the enzyme increases free water levels (to push oil up and out), lymphatic drainage and circulation for greater oxygenation and waste removal. 

Includes: Cleanse, Extractions, Custom Exfoliation, LED Light Therapy, Enzyme Therapy, multi vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid and amino acid infusion

Suitable for all skin types with a focus on refining pores, mild congestion, oil flow and skin texture

LED Light Therapy $95 

$50 add on to any other service

20 minutes between meetings or on your lunch break is all you need to experience the rejuvenating powers of light therapy.

Healite II is a new, non invasive concept to maximise facial rejuvenation  by working with the body's own processes. It stimulates naturally occuring regeneration and repair processes of the skin.

Photobiostimulation (a concept of rejuvenation that works on cellular activities) is a direct action from the light on the cells that boosts the production of collagen and elastin.

Pain free and safe for all skins, Healite II is incredibly healing and will improve inflammation, redness and acne problems, pore size, rosacea and reduce the signs caused by the natural ageing process.

The treatment includes a guided audio meditation and post light serum infusion. It is recommended 2 treatments per week for 4 weeks for optimal results.

LED Light Therapy may also be purchased in a pack of 8 for $650 saving $110

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