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The Story.

The Lab. is the brainchild of long time friends Tegan Daley and Sianne Fitzsimons.

Not your typical beauty types, the girls wanted to offer clients in the Capital a fresh and unique approach...

Thus, The Lab. was born.

Now with a team of 6 amazing humans, men and women come from all over the region to surrender to the teams' hard line approach to brow design and now their latest obsession, The Skin.

The Brows: Preaching natural yet defined lines, they offer a relaxed and fun space to educate clients and give them confidence in their own beauty.

Experts in re-growing, re-forming and re-establishing eyebrows that have been over waxed, over tweezed, and over complicated, The Lab is all about natural, low maintenance brows that flatter your features and frame your face. 

The Skin: Fast forward a few years and the girls have launched their latest venture. Years in the making and after one epic move to Manuka, The Lab family are excited to introduce their new face, to complete their full circle obsession with your face, The Skin. A wholistic approach to overall well being and complete skin health.

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